7 Stunning Outdoor Lighting Ideas (for Every Season)

Think about your home's kerb appeal. What comes to mind? If the answer is "not much," it may be time to add some outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can completely change the look and feel of your home, and it doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Check out these seven stunning outdoor lighting ideas for every season!

1) Decking step lighting

Decking step lighting is an innovative way to add an extra layer of safety, as well as aesthetic appeal, to any outdoor area. Not only do these lights make it easier to navigate steps at night and during other low-light situations, but they also create an instant ambience. LEDs are often the best choice when it comes to stepping lighting since they provide energy efficiency and long-term performance.


Depending on your individual needs and desired look, there are plenty of types of outdoor lighting ideas available to choose from such as in-glow, up-glow, wall wash and more. For a quick install, consider a set of walkway lights or post lights - both easy DIY solutions that don't require any wiring.

2) Light up your garden shed

If you're looking for a unique way to spruce up your garden shed, why not add some lighting? Strategically placed lights can instantly transform your dull and dingy shed into a warm and inviting space. Nothing is cosier than dimming the overhead light and swapping in a few colourful lanterns or string lights to create beautiful, atmospheric lighting. Not only does it improve the ambience, but having appropriate lighting can also make it easier to locate important items like gardening tools.

Take your transformation one step further by embracing nature’s colours with a fresh coat of paint - you can even use glow-in-the-dark paint to keep the creative spark alive! There's no limit to what you can achieve with plain old lights and a bit of imagination.

3) Highlight your water features

Water features are an excellent outdoor decoration, and outdoor lighting can make them even more magical. If you have a pond or fountain in your garden, adding outdoor lights will provide a beautiful shimmering effect against the water. LED outdoor lights are especially suited for this task since they're relatively small compared to other outdoor light sources, making them easy to install. They also come in a variety of colours and temperatures, so you can get creative with your outdoor lighting design.

4) Hang festoon lighting

If you want to get creative with your outdoor lighting design, hang festoon lighting. This type of outdoor lighting is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, from festive celebrations to romantic evenings. It can create a unique ambience and atmosphere that will instantly add a certain special je ne sais quoi to any occasion. A bonus is that these strands of lights are usually low voltage, meaning there will be no risk of wiring issues or electrical danger. Choose from an array of colours and sizes for the perfect outdoor lighting solution that will take any backyard party from drab to fab.

garden pergola with string lights

5) Upgrade your garden pergola

Upgrading your garden pergola can be a great way to improve the aesthetic of your outdoor area and make it more inviting! Outdoor lighting is a perfect way to bring life to your pergola while also increasing its functionality. Consider installing strands of fairy lights, large paper lanterns, or small solar-powered spotlights around the perimeter of your pergola. This ambient light can lend heighten the evening ambience and provide enough light for subtle activities like playing board games or reading.


For an added effect, hang festive string lights over the centre of the pergola or create inviting, soft shadows on walls behind with landscape up-lighting. Whatever you decide, adding lighting to your garden pergola is sure to be a hit with all guests!

recessed lighting in the garden

6) Use recessed garden lighting

Adding recessed garden lighting to your outdoor landscape can create a gorgeous ambience for both day and night. From statues or other focal points to trees and plantings, this type of lighting adds texture, depth, and eye-catching contrast that will make your garden stand out. You can enjoy a warm, welcoming light that is subtle yet transformative and a perfect way to keep your outdoor space looking its best while providing just the right amount of illumination! Thanks to low-consumption LED lamps used in recessed garden lighting, you can feel confident knowing your energy consumption is at an economical price. With many different designs to choose from, it's easy to find the ideal style for your patio or backyard.

garden hedges lighting

7) Light up your garden hedges

Adding lights to your garden hedges is a great way to create a beautiful atmosphere while also ensuring safety. With the right type of setup, you can easily design your garden with a touch of elegance and give it a soft ambient glow. Whether you use LED lights, solar-powered lanterns, or string lights on trees and shrubs, there are plenty of outdoor lighting options to light up your garden hedges.

Not only that but by using motion sensor lighting or spotlights with automated timers you can ensure maximum visibility at night without having to worry about leaving it on all night long. So don't wait any longer - add some outdoor lighting today and turn your garden into the perfect place for evening dinner parties and evening strolls.


Outdoor lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your home, garden, or patio. It can also be a great way to show off your personality or style. These seven stunning outdoor lighting ideas are perfect for every season – so get inspired and start planning your dream outdoor space today!


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