The Perks of Partnering with an Electrical Wholesaler

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. A key strategy to achieve this is through forming strategic partnerships, one of which is partnering with electrical wholesalers. As a business, you stand to gain a competitive edge when you collaborate with an electrical wholesaler like Falcon Electrical. 

Join us as we explore the many advantages of shopping with a wholesaler, including an extensive product variety, exceptional customer service, seamless delivery services, and the establishment of long-term relationships.

Exploring the Benefits of an Electrical Wholesaler

Extensive Product Variety

Working with an electrical wholesaler like Falcon Electrical offers you access to a wide array of electrical products, all under one roof. This range covers everything from basic switches and sockets to sophisticated CCTV security systems. No longer will you have to trawl multiple suppliers for individual items; everything you need is readily available and competitively priced, saving your business precious time and resources.

Exceptional Customer Service

Falcon Electrical is not just a supplier but a trusted partner. Our highly trained team is committed to offering unrivalled customer service, providing expert guidance on product selection and usage, ensuring you choose the most suitable products for your specific needs. 

We pride ourselves on our responsive communication, ensuring your queries and concerns are addressed promptly and professionally. Get in touch with us 24/7 via our live chat, email and phone.

Seamless Delivery Services

In today's business landscape, quick and reliable delivery is key. At Falcon Electrical, we understand the importance of time-sensitive projects and provide hassle-free, timely delivery services. Our robust logistics network ensures your products reach you safely, with free next-day delivery for orders over £100.

Building Long-Term Relationships

We value our clients and aim to build lasting relationships, moving beyond a simple supplier-customer dynamic. We’re committed to understanding your business needs, adapting our services accordingly, and providing ongoing support to help your business thrive. With over 35 years of experience, partnering with Falcon Electrical means gaining a trustworthy, long-term collaborator dedicated to your business success.

Economical Pricing: The Financial Advantage

At Falcon Electrical, we understand that every penny counts when it comes to running a successful business. That's why we consistently offer unbeatable prices on our wide range of high-quality products. By purchasing in large volumes, we are able to secure significant discounts from manufacturers, savings that we pass on directly to our customers. 

This means you can always rely on us for competitively priced electrical goods, without compromising on quality. By choosing us as your primary electrical supplier, you can significantly reduce your operational costs, thus enhancing your business's profitability. In an uncertain economic climate, such cost efficiencies can make a tangible difference to your bottom line.

How Wholesale Prices Beat Retail

When you buy goods from a retailer, you're paying for not only the actual product but also the multiple other costs that the retailer has to cover. This includes store rent or mortgage, employee wages, utility costs, and more. These costs compound the end price of the product, meaning you could end up paying a considerable mark-up.

In contrast, when you partner with an electrical wholesaler like Falcon Electrical, you're bypassing those additional costs. We buy our products directly from manufacturers in large volumes. This bulk buying allows us to negotiate lower prices, savings that are then passed directly to you. 

Moreover, with a wholesaler, you’re not limited by the retailer's capacity, which often restricts the variety of products on offer. With Falcon Electrical’s vast product range, you can find all the electrical goods you need in one place, at unbeatable low prices. 

Variety and Availability

Beyond a wide range of products, Falcon Electrical ensures that our stock levels are maintained to cater to your needs. Our extensive supply chain network and relationships with manufacturers allow us to restock quickly and efficiently. This means that you are not left waiting when you need a product; we strive to ensure that our vast array of products is readily available when you need them. 

This level of availability can significantly improve your project timelines, eliminating costly delays due to unavailable materials. With Falcon Electrical as your partner, you can count on our commitment to keep your projects on track and within budget.

tradesman on ladders with a toolbelt

Suitable for a Range of People

Falcon Electrical's product range and unbeatable pricing appeal to a wide variety of customers, many of whom operate in various professional fields, as well as those pursuing personal projects or hobbies. 

Tradesmen and Electricians

Renowned for our comprehensive product variety, tradesmen and electricians will find all their necessary electrical supplies in one place. Our superior-quality products, coupled with our expert advice, help ensure that their projects are completed efficiently and safely.

Home Designers and Landscapers

Our extensive range of interior and exterior lighting solutions is a boon for home designers and landscapers. From stylish pendant lights to modern outdoor decking lights, our products can help bring any design vision to life. 


Falcon Electrical isn't exclusively for professionals. Hobbyists undertaking DIY projects at home can also benefit from our vast range and competitive pricing. Whether you're upgrading your fire alarm system or renovating your garden, you'll find all the necessary electrical components right here.

man inserting light bulb into decorative pendant light fitting

Delivery Services: Saving Time and Money

At Falcon Electrical, we understand the importance of receiving your goods on time, which is why we offer a rapid and reliable delivery service. Orders placed before 3 pm are typically dispatched on the same working day, and we utilise trusted courier services such as DPD, APC, and Royal Mail to ensure your items reach you promptly.

Should your items be located outside our main warehouse, we may need an additional 1-2 working days to retrieve and dispatch your order. However, all orders are shipped using an overnight courier service, so you can expect your items quickly.

What's more, orders of £100 or more (excluding VAT) are eligible for free next working day delivery within England, Wales, and Mainland Scotland. For orders below this threshold, a flat-rate delivery charge of £6.95 applies.

Choose Falcon for Your Electrical Needs

In conclusion, partnering with an electrical wholesaler like Falcon Electrical provides an array of benefits, from cost savings and product variety to consistent availability and dependable delivery services. Our commitment to customer service, combined with our competitive pricing and diverse product range, equips you with the necessary resources to enhance your business efficiency and profitability. 

Shop the full range of electrical products at Falcon Electrical.