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EccoDri K2008 Turbo Automatic Hand Dryer

EccoDri K2008 Turbo Automatic Hand Dryer

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EccoDri K2008 Turbo Automatic Hand Dryer

Product Description

This effective hand dryer boasts of a drying time of 10 seconds and, drip-proof, IPX1 protection. This beautiful hand dryer has a brushed chrome finish and in-built thermal protection to prevent heat damage to the appliance.

Product Details

  • Installation Wall Mounted Weight 5.5 kg

  • Material 304 Stainless Steel Brushed Finish

  • Rated Voltage AC220-240 Rated Power 1800 Watt

  • Rated Frequency 50/60Hz

  • Motor Type Brush Type, Dual Ball Bearings

  • Drying Time 10 Seconds Operation Infra-Red

  • Sensing Distance 120mm +/-3mm

  • Drip Proof IPX1 Isolation Class 1

  • Heater Element 1000 Watt

  • Smart Self Time Protect

  • 60 Seconds Auto Cut Off

  • Air Speed 100M/s

  • Noise Level 75Db (At 1 Meter)

  • Warranty 2 Years

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 320mm x 290mm x 170mm


Heater power


Ip rating


Product type

Hand Dryer

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