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Fike 205-0003 Sita ASD Detector Including Base

Fike 205-0003 Sita ASD Detector Including Base

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Fike 205-0003 Sita ASD Detector Including Base


The Addressable Multipoint ASD is a plug-in type smoke detector that utilizes a photo-electric sensing chamber to make a measurement corresponding to smoke density. The device also incorporates a thermistor sensing circuit to allow for accurate heat measurement. These elements allow the device to be configured to one of 3 smoke, 3 heat or a combined setting. The device can also be fitted with an integral sounder or sounder/strobe capable of providing one of 7 different tones, operating at 65, 80 or 85dB(A) dependant on programming. This feature reduces the requirement for fitting extra annunciation devices. The detector is designed with a single colour red LED to indicate the device status; 400ms flashing indicates that the detector has been activated, 5 second flashing indicates the detector is in fault and 20 second flashing indicates a normal condition. Short circuit isolators are also built into the device in order to protect the system in the event of a cable fault.


  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 107mm
    • Depth: 67mm
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C.
  • Voltage Range: 24V to 42V DC
  • LED Indication:
    • Normal: 50ms on / 20ms interval
    • Fault: 0.1ms on / 5s interval
    • Fire: 50ms on / 400ms interval
  • Sounder Volume:
    • Low: 65dB(A)+
    • Medium: 80dB(A)+
    • High: 85dB(A)
  • System Compatibility: SITA200plus: V2.30 onwards Duonet and Quadnet: V1 onwards
  • Battery Current @ 24V DC: Quiescent: 0.12mA
    • Active: No Sounder 2.07mA
    • Active: Low Sounder 3.09mA
    • Active: Med Sounder 8.39mA
    • Active: High Sounder 12.17mA
  • Device Loading Unit Rating:
    • No Sounder: 1
    • Low Sounder: 1.5
    • Med Sounder: 4.5
    • High Sounder: 6


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Fire Alarm

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