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Fike 803-0010 Sita Conventional Zone Module

Fike 803-0010 Sita Conventional Zone Module

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Fike 803-0010 Sita Conventional Zone Module


The Addressable Conventional Zone Module provides a single input connection to monitor conventional type fire detection devices. It can be used to monitor external conventional detection devices such as beam detectors, smoke/heat detectors, duct detectors, etc. Head removal monitoring is provided for when used with devices fitted with suitable base diode (utilising a 10 to 22μF End Of Line (EOL) capacitor). The module is designed with a single colour red LED to indicate the zone status; continuous RED indicates that the input has been activated. Power for the conventional zone can be taken directly from the loop or via the addition of an external 24V DC PSU. Short circuit isolators are also built into the device in order to protect the system in the event of a cable fault


  • Dimensions:
    • Overall: 148mm x 88mm x 44mm
    • Back box: 48mm x 88mm x 32mm
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Voltage Range: 24V to 42V DC
  • LED Indication: Input Activated: LED on
  • Zone: EOL: 10 to 22μF capacitor
  • Firing Resistor: 680Ω
  • Max Zone Capacity: 20mA
  • System Compatibility:
    • SITA200plus: V4.00 onwards
    • Duonet and Quadnet: V1 onwards
  • IP Rating: IP21C
  • Loop Current @ 24V DC:
    • Powered via loop: Quiescent: 11.22mA
    • Active: 48.75mA
    • Powered via external PSU: Quiescent: 0.40mA
    • Active: 7.09mA
  • Device Loading Unit Rating:
    • Powered via loop: 23.5
    • Powered via external PSU: 3.5


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Fire Alarm

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