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Flat Tee Accessory for PVC Maxi-Trunking

Flat Tee Accessory for PVC Maxi-Trunking

Trunking Size: 50 x 50 mm
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Flat Tee Accessory for PVC Maxi-Trunking

Product Details

Trunking is manufactured from PVC-U, a flame retardant and self-extinguishing material. This material is 100% recyclable with good sustainability.

PVC-U expands and contracts at a uniform rate of approx 5.25mm in a 3 metre length for a temperature change of 25°C.

Trunking covers are clipped into place from front and are designed to limit unauthorised removal, remain in position during normal conditions irrespective of impact and minor undulations of the mounting surface.


Product type

Maxi-Trunking Accessory

Self adhesive


Trunking colour


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