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GJD010 Emerald 3000 Mk3 Lighting Controller

GJD010 Emerald 3000 Mk3 Lighting Controller

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GJD010 Emerald 3000 Mk3 Lighting Controller

A stand alone dual zone security lighting controller, which enables external areas to be accurately monitored and illuminated.

Automatically switches up to 3000 Watts of lighting at night for a pre-set period and can be manually overridden when required.

Incorporates an audible warning tone and features six detector indicators, which illuminate when activated by detection day and night.

Product Details

  • Six detector indicators

  • 3000 Watts of lighting load

  • At dusk, detector activated automatic lighting for timed period

  • Selectable audible beep on detection

  • Manual override of lights

  • Links to an alarm system to activate all lights if alarm sounds

  • Accurately monitor areas 24 hours a day

  • Cost efficient

  • Quick to install

  • Easy to operate

  • Dimensions: 146 (W) x 86 (H) x 56 (D) mm


Internal external


Product type

Security Alarm Systems

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