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Manrose WF230MP - 230mm commercial fan - window - pullcord operated shutters

Manrose WF230MP - 230mm commercial fan - window - pullcord operated shutters

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Manrose WF230MP - 230mm commercial fan - window - pullcord operated shutters
  • Suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications, the WF230 range has been designed for window or wall mounting. Incorporating the latest ventilation technology and stylish design, these high performance extractor fans have an extract rate of 668m3/hr, 185 litres per second.

  • There are three models in the range starting with the basic unit (WF230) which has fixed louvres, can be supplied with an optional pullcord switch and provides a natural source of trickle flow ventilation when the fan is switched off.

  • Manual models (WF230M) have pullcord operated internal backdraught shutters that also start the fan.

  • The WF230 automatic series have thermo activated shutters which open silently 45 seconds after the fan has been switched on.

  • Completing the Manrose family the WF300 range of 300mm (12") fans give a powerful extract rate of 1100m3/hr, 306 litres per second.

  • The WF300 is designed for window mounting and can also be wall mounted using our wall mounting fixing kit.

  • The WF300 has three models in its range. The basic model with fixed louvres, the manual model with internal pullcord operated backdraught shutters and the automatic model with thermo-activated internal shutters which open silently and automatically when the fan is switched on.

  • These high performance extractor fans are easy to install and are attractively styled in high gloss ABS thermoplastics for durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance and cover a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications including kitchens, utility rooms, pubs, restaurants, offices, shops and factories.

  • The units are all manufactured using high impact ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability, aesthetics and easy cleaning.

Installation Type: Window
IP Rating: IP44
Shutter Type: Powered
Number of Speeds: 1
Sound dB(A) @ 3m: 50
Power 1 (W): 41
Depth (mm): 141
Speed 1 (l/s): 185.6


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