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Schneider Electric SD1603SW 160A 3-Pole Twinbreak Switch Disconnector

Schneider Electric SD1603SW 160A 3-Pole Twinbreak Switch Disconnector

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Schneider Electric SD1603SW 160A 3-Pole Twinbreak Switch Disconnector

Product Description


Heavy duty fuse products for use in commercial and industrial environments, providing isolation and traditional fuse protection for electrical loads.


  • Rated for 240/415V 50/60Hz

  • Degree of protection: IP41

  • Handle position provides positive contact indication

  • Door handle prevents door being opened when switch is ON or padlocked

  • Handle padlockable in ON and OFF positions

  • Fuse links supplied as standard


  • Live terminals fully shrouded

  • Door interlock has integral defeat mechanism allowing door to be opened without switching OFF.
    This feature is not operable when the handle is padlocked

  • Removable gland plates with cable knockouts

  • Lift off door provides greater access for installation and cabling

  • Door opens within the width of the unit allowing units to be mounted adjacent

  • Neutral has disconnectable link and capacity for 3 outgoing cables

  • Keyhole slots in the enclosure base allow easy installation

  • Earthing kit provided as standard

  • Easy access to fuse links

  • Steelwork finished in polyester epoxy powder

Product Details

  • Standard: BS EN 60947-3

  • Rated operational voltage: 415V 50/60Hz

  • Rating: 160A

  • Rated current at 400C, A: 160

  • Rated impulse voltage: 6kV

  • Rated short time withstand Icw, A: 1300

  • Rated short circuit making capacity Icm: 3.5kA

  • Rated short circuit breaking capacity Icn: 50kA

  • Kilowatt rating: 55kW

  • Cable size, maximum (mm ²): 50mm ²




Product type

Switch & Fusegear

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